Welcome to Nainawa
We provide everything you need to make your exhibition a success.
Stand out from the crowd by a touch of creativity, with only passing seconds to draw the attention of a trade show attendee, your exhibition stands or displays must appeal to your target audience's interests. Your exhibit must effectively communicate who you are, what you do and how your company can assist them. We can help you with our exhibition stands, kiosk, advertising and marketing displays.  

Attracting new business... That’s the goal of most trade exhibition displays.
Nainawa’s Exhibition Stands will position you apart from other businesses in the competitive trade show environment and draw that much needed profitable business.

A crucial facet of any trade show display is your artwork. Even with the most high tech booth display on the marketplace, a trade show exhibit with badly designed artwork would work against you. Our designers have developed effective exhibition stands for 100s of trade show booths. Let us put our techniques to work for you!

Thinking “OUT OF THE BOX” makes us different


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